Posted by: Annette Huang | October 7, 2006

Musings on an old travel diary

I have just spent a few weeks transcribing my diary from the trip to Japan and Hong Kong that we (myself, my I have just spent a few weeks transcribing my diary from the trip to Japan and Hong Kong that we (myself, my husband and parents) did in May-June 1991 before Eddie got his first posting to Hong Kong.

It's been most interesting reliving those days and noting how much has changed in our lives since then – marriages, births, deaths.

It was a most interesting trip of about a month – we had a chance to spend time in places, yet we always seemed to be running out of time! We had to cope with heat and rain, but we managed to see many out-of-the-way places, have interesting experiences and meet many people.

Hong Kong has changed such a lot since those days!

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